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Root Canal Treatment Perth

At Dentistry@Perth, we understand that root canals may not be anyone's favorite dental procedure. However, they are often necessary to save a tooth that has sustained damage or is infected. Our skilled dentists, including Dr. Bansal, Dr. Gajjar, Dr. Sandhu and Dr. Patel, can provide gentle and pain-free root canal therapy to restore your tooth and your comfort. Why Get Root Canal Therapy?

Illustration showing four stages of a root canal: 1. Diagnosis - dentist examines tooth and takes X-rays. 2. Access - dentist creates access hole in tooth's crown. 3. Cleaning and Shaping - dentist removes infected pulp and shapes canals. 4. Filling and Sealing - canals are filled with gutta-percha and sealed, access hole is filled.

Root Canal Therapy: Restoring Your Tooth and Oral Health

Root canals are often the last chance to save a tooth that is severely decayed, infected, or broken. Saving your natural tooth is crucial because tooth loss can have negative consequences for your oral health. If left untreated, the bacterial infection from a damaged tooth could spread, leading to further complications.

Some people might think it's easier to do a tooth extraction however that is simply not the case. A missing tooth can cause problems with your bite (malocclusion) and potential bone loss, as the teeth and jawbone have a dependent relationship. The remaining teeth may shift due to the gap in your smile, leading to alignment issues. That's why it's important to consider root canal therapy as a viable option for preserving your tooth and maintaining your oral health.

Root Canal Treatment

If you experience symptoms such as sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling of your face or jaw, a pimple-like eruption on your gums, dark tooth color, severe pain, or inflammation, it may indicate the need for a root canal procedure. Our dentists will perform a thorough evaluation and may take an x-ray to determine if root canal therapy is necessary.

During the root canal procedure, your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We will ensure that you are completely numb before starting the treatment. The procedure begins by making a small hole in the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. The infected nerve will be removed, and the canals will be carefully shaped using specialized files to ensure they are smooth and free from any pulp tissue or infection. Once the canals are cleaned, they will be filled with a special material to seal them off and prevent further infection.

After Root Canal Therapy

After the root canal procedure, you may need a dental crown to protect the treated tooth from tooth decay and gum disease. The tooth may become brittle and more fragile, and a crown can provide a protective cover that absorbs some of the force of chewing, reducing the risk of fractures.

Regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene can decrease your chances of needing a root canal in the future. Our gentle and welcoming dental teams at Dentistry @ Perth are experienced in performing root canal procedures and are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients.

Don't ignore the signs of a potential root canal issue. If you are experiencing tooth pain or suspect that you may need a root canal, schedule an exam with our dentists to discuss your options for root canal treatment in Perth or Perth. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and helping you maintain optimal oral health. Contact our dental clinics today at (613) 267-1100.